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January 24, 2010



And apparently I am now a Congressional aide ghost writer . . . because our brother can't string together two sentences that make sense.

tricia weatherston

Hang in there. Maybe I/we could find you a new Olympic project that won't make you more crazy and that you still have a reasonable chance of finishing without adding to the stress of your life.


I'm just going to completely ignore the person above me (who seems eager that we visit a asian sex website).

On the advice of my bf, last week i wrote a list of everything i was stressed/ worried about... not only did it ease my stress levels but it was amazing how many of the things on the list could be summed up with "and or so what"....

I'm still stressed but maybe a little bit more aware of the pointlessness of a lot of my stresses...

Hugging and learning!!! (yuck)


hang on, ava. it is a bad time of year and it will get better. so much to do, probably unexpected in a way with the girls not in the house, but days will get longer, knits will get lighter and you will be good.

but no friend should ever say you look tired. you look fab, darling


Oh no! I am a lifelong sufferer of stress. I get very physical symptoms of it that I won't go into here. It is definitely a real thing and no fun at all! I'm much better at managing my stress these days it must be said.

Find yourself a quick win project. That will make things better.


Wow - that's really annoying the way it linked my blog to the comment above, but not my actual identity.

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