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November 13, 2009



Love those last two pics!!


Wow . . . a post without a "cunty" . . . bravo! And I hear you about the Flickr rants (and you know what a crap photog I am). Thanks for posting . . . I'll take up the slack right after I figure out the new phone (HUGE learning curve)!


I know, right? No "cunty". That's a shame, so I'll say it again. Cunty.

gale (she shoots sheeps shots)

#1 It's not the camera or the lens, it is what you DO with it.
#2 You're doing some nice things with yours-love the bottom photos on this post.
#3 I can't share your choice adjective but the Flickr photo commenters you quoted seem to be professional douchebags. I seriously doubt they are professional photographers.


girl, i am loving your flickr rants. i do find that the craft flickr group sticks to the realy sweet "awwww, you are so cool' coment genre....might have to go troll these techy groups to find the cunty comments.

i find photography to be a fascinating expression of our times. everyone is trying it, trying to improve it, trying to maniupulate with this or that program. my SLR and lens have made me a bit lazy in that they do so much work, unlike the days when we shot with a manual film medium format and a light meter. it does seem like everyone with an SLR hops on the pro wagon.

god, next i am going to be talking about walking to school uphill both ways in fake vans.

thinking of doing a rant on why pajama patterns for kids always state to use non-flammable fabric. wtf? like they spontaeously combust? no, that would be me.


I love the last two photos. Those donkey noses are so cute!

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