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November 12, 2009



Thanks for this post. My husband is a professional photographer. He hates when I say that. He encourages young people he meets to NOT go into photography if they expect to make a living. He works very hard and it is a competitive business not just a hobby.
I do not blog so I can't express what you have said but it amazes me how everyone with a camera thinks they can go into business.

No, you don't sound cunty and it's your blog so say it if that is what you mean.


I completely agree with you. I know people who have gone out and got all the equipment and talk the talk and have taken classes and seminars and go out with peers to shoot photos - all in an attempt at eventually striking out on their own to make some profit from their skills. Yet, all this equipment and courses generally don't help if there isn't some natural talent to begin with. I'm not trying to become a professional photographer or make any sort of profit from any photos I take, but I find it hugely annoying that for some reason people feel entitled to doing so because they've managed to collect the equipment and lingo. I guess what I find almost more annoying, and this is what your mother has said to you, is that people get praise for their rubbish composition, over processing, etc. therefore making them feel like it's okay to overcharge for mediocre photography.

Sorry for having a mini-rant in your blog - I just feel the same as you!

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