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November 11, 2009



we have had our stone for years. i'm guessing at least 10. matt put it on the oven and it split right down the middle. time for us to get a new one too. i hate buying bread.


I don't know why for sure your stones keep cracking/breaking, but I'd guess it's something to do with how you're heating them. I've never used them, but my mom had one for about 10 years and I think the only reason she got rid of it is she just got tired of it and it was looking pretty manky. Apparently you can go the DIY route and just go get some tiles from a home improvement store.


Mine have broken, especially when a juicy calzone leaks on it while hot. I push the pieces together and bake on. I replaced one when we moved four years ago (seemed like a good time to start new) and then I replaced that one last spring when we got a new oven (I couldn't put the shabby cracked stone in my nice new oven).


i've noticed that mine break when they have gotten wet from either pizza goo or washing (silly boy) also one time we removed it from the oven while still hot instead of using the peel to take the goods out of the oven. when i avoid the above i have better luck. we're on stone #3 and it has lasted a few years. good luck and happy baking.

as for cleaning when they get really gross...leave it in the oven for the clean cycle. the leftover oil and cheese just turn to ash. :)

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