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August 26, 2009



Come visit for a weekend, we'll take your mind off your troubles.


I'm teary for you! Having two go at once is really hard.
Wishing Betty and Veronica a wonderful college experience.


Oh! Sad and exciting at the same time. They'll be great and think of all the knitting you'll get done.

If it's any condolance, I never called my mom so much as when I was in college. We'd talk a few times a day. This may or may not be a good thing, you'd have to ask her :)


kisses and hugs, mama. i can only imagine.


Good luck!!! To you AND the girls!!


Hang in there- the lump goes away by Thanksgiving:)
go read http://steppingawayfromtheedge.typepad.com/weblog/
Kymberly's blog post 8/27/09 says it the best- great advice for all of us!


Hang in there!!


What Lola said. *hugs*


Just found your blog. Like it alot. I hope you're doing okay, and that your girls are settled in their dorms and excited about starting classes. As for you. . . well, you will adjust. Eventually. It helps to focus on how those lovely girls will be so busy turning into cool adults -- and all because you got them started! :-) Cheers to you!

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