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July 28, 2009



no kidding!
my list includes, bandelier socks (made my jaw hit the floor), slanting gretel tee, felicity hat, freyja sweater, farmers market cardigan, nordique swing and if i lived somewhere cold the clasica coat. i really loved some other things too, but know i wouldn't wear them.

not only do i need to win the lotto, i need a live in nanny and someone to do my sleeping for me!


I think my track record is even worse. I've got several years worth of IK--and I am only now knitting one of the patterns (Tilted Duster). There are many many little sticky flags on the pages, but so little time to knit.
I didn't look at the preview this time because every time I do, I feel just a little bit let down when I get the issue--as in oh, I've already seen that. So I will wait until it is delivered. In the meanwhile, I'm slogging away at the skirt of the TD, and considering redoing the shoulder seams.


Love the Freyja & (surprise, surprise) Farmer's Market Cardigan. But let me ask, do a lot of the sweaters look like they run short?

Fall VK looks promising.


Oohh . . . VK does look promising. The hats are cute (I might suggest a hat class of people's choice) and the first one in the Gold Rush section looks amazing. I wish they had more photos, though. For some reason, I think the goldfish hat is adorable . . . but I'll never knit that.

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