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May 17, 2009



Please make it your goal to finish one of the afghans! Just one. Hell, make it a lap blanket. Mom will be in a home soon enough.

Seriously, I didn't even think of making them a sweater. But now that you mention it. I did cry when he called in the subs.


summer heat!!

It's not fair!! It's always raining in Manchester!


At first glance . . . I thought the first picture was from the Temple campus depicting some kind of graduate "art" (I saw a head with a motor board hat). Then I thought the second picture was of your clean dining room. When I got to the third picture I had no idea . . . then I went back and read the actual blog - yup, I had no idea what I was looking at! Nice list of to do's - but do you really want to be working on an afghan in the upcoming heat?

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