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March 07, 2009



Ray is on SNL tonight- not the same, but maybe a warmup for the actual concert?


oooh, is she going to see the jardine/rampage fight?? we arent getting it tonight so be sure to tell us how it went!!


My biggest complaint about going to movies is all of the children that don't belong there. I saw Dark Knight at midnight in a theater with children under the age of 10. I was appalled. I plan to go see Inglorious Basterds when it comes out and I fully expect to see at least 5 children. I will be appalled and will probably make it known to the people I am with. It frustrates me the way people blame others for the problems with their children when they do stupid sh!t like that.
-Gets off soap box-
I'm going to see Watchmen tomorrow with the family. I'm on spring break and they are willing to pay for it! They've all seen it and rave about it. I really hope it's that good.

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