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February 08, 2009


Gemma  Bryan

Can I be your facebook friend... please pretty please??


I think you will find it bittersweet when the girls leave in August. For me when our last left for college 3 years ago I was a mess. I really thought that I was going to need chemicals to get through it- Blue Moon was not going to be enough! We had spent so much of our married life raising the boys I was really concerned about what we would do when it was just us again. I cried a lot over the craziest things- finally figured out that I could make my own schedule and plans again. I could sleep without listening for everyone to get home safely on Saturday night. I still missed the hustle and bustle and could hardly wait for everyone to come home for Thanksgiving but by the end of the weekend- wow was I happy to see them go! You will adjust and looking back will be amazed at how quickly you settle into this new phase of your life.
PS- the hubby is enjoying it too- there are benefits to an empty nest!


Tom has been gone since September, and I still burst into tears at odd moments and most of the time I miss him rather desperately. So all I can say is I have broad shoulders.

Chameleon colourworks( did you notice how I turned that into Canadian) would look nice in the Knotty gloves. The heritage would look fabulous in a fair isle sock. I know, I know but go look at Istanbul or Latvian wedding dance at Red Bird Knits. She is on ravelry. Her socks take my breath away.


That's gonna be such a sweet sweater. :)

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