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February 18, 2009


.: tani :.

penises be damned. {snicker}

sorry. about your luck with the malabrigo lace - i've had the same problem. if it weren't for school i'd offer to wind it for you (i can sit for hours and untangle yarn...for some reason i find it soothing. yeah. soothing!)...so if you have the patience to wait for spring break or graduation (in june!)i leave that out on the table. :)

anyway, my vote goes to the cardigan. there is no need for "no love" knitting...besides, if you get another skein of the stuff, it might be completely different.


Rip it out and make the adorable cardigan! That's my vote!


Cardi all the way. Life's too short to work on projects you're not in love with.


i vote three, but does that still make me a friend?


Go for the new and shiny and I'm happy to help out with the wayward skein.


My Hubby is always glad to work on my knots for me - that is if I were ever to let him because I like a good tangled challenge. Would the Flyer be up to the task? Or the girls? So basically my advise would be to:
1) find someone with patience to untangle for you
2) put that project aside until #1 has been completed
3) reward yourself with new & shiny for putting up with the whole mess
4) when you feel like it - pick the project up again - penises be damned - don't let them get the best of you! :)~

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