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December 16, 2008


Didi B

My vote is for the Bubble Pullover. It looks engaging enough not to get old, and unique enough not to look super trendy. I queued it on Ravelry a long time ago, and I tend to go through and delete things from my list often - but it's remained there through every delete. It looks fantastic on lots of body types, and both as a loose or fitted garment.


My choice would be the garter stitch cartigan. What more could you want in a sweater? Top down, garter stitch to get you going and then acres of stockinette stitch. This one looks both casual and sophisticated at the same time. A winner in my book!


The more I see that garter yoke cardi, the more I like it (and all my friends are queuing and/or faving it). That's where my vote goes.


Ugh - this was hard! I was really stuck between the Bubble Pullover and the Garter Stitch Cardigan (GSC). I love them both. In fact, I queued Brooklyn Tweed's Cobblestone sweater a long time ago, which is essentially a pullover version of the GSC. OTOH, I have a big fat post-it on the Bubble Pullover in my Knitting Nature book. Tough call, for sure. I ultimately went with the GSC because cardigans totally rule and this is a really fantastic, classic look. But, you should knit the Bubble, too...


I voted for the Garter Stitch Cardigan as well. It is a classic. It will be a quick little knit for some instant gratification wearing. No slogging through new techniques or crazy collars. And wearable for years.


I voted for GSC. I think it will be a fun knit and truly wearable. I may make one myself in the Colrain that followed me home from Webs today!


Therapi - totally versatile!

I think all three would be nice. I've been meaning to make a Bubble Pullover for ages. Still, I love me some Stefanie Japel designs, and the texture is pretty awesome.


I vote for GSC too!! I has everything you could ask for in a cardi plus it is simplistic. You already have three never ending projects. What you need is a cardi fix but also some mindless knitting in one go.

If you wanted a challenge you would be working on the three biggies you have in progress....right? Go for the relaxing knit.

Lola and Ava

Like it matters, but I voted for the Bubble pull-over since I know how long you've been talking about it . . . come on . . . you knit that, I knit Surface and we have our own knit crush on Norah.


Therapi just doesn't cut it for me. The garter stitch cardigan while lovely looks like a heck of a lot of mindless knitting to me, which at times is just what the dr. ordered but at times is dead boring and a penance. NOW... that bubble pullover would be great fun to knit, small sections that would go quickly and lure you into the next bit. The projects on ravelry for this were all interesting but especially the ones where the yarn was interesting. And while I have never met you in real life, of the images I have seen here on your blog, I suspect that the bubble pullover would look great on you. Even though it isn't a cardi(break loose, go wild)it looks like a really wearable sweater that you would reach for a lot. How am I doing? I'm so much better at this enabling thing in real life. Did I say that I was doing modular knitting last night at knit night. It is so much fun!!

Cynthia A

The Garter Stitch cardigan won my vote with the clean lines and classic styling. Therapi is very pretty too, but seems a little loose and floppy like a housecoat/bathrobe - which is fine if that is what you want it for. I was not nearly as thrilled with the angular offset collar on the Bubble pullover, I think that the garter sweater is much more flattering.

I can't wait to see what you decide!

kelly jo

I think the Garter Yoke would be the best! The collar on the Bubble looks like it would get wonky, and I'm trying to avoid jumping on the Therapi cardi since it's in the latest Knitty!


i say the garter yoke. it is the prettiest though the bubble is kinda pretty. i dont like the first one (therapi) at all~looks too frumpy to me. though if you want just a big, comfy sweater and not a tighter fitting one then i would go with that one.
as for the bubble sweater, the pictures look more like a bunch of triangles but if it is in fact pentagons put together well then that is just a soccer ball so unless you do it in alternating black and white i wouldnt do it at all.
for sure garter yoke.
pick me!


my vote is for the bubble, but the garter yoke cardi was a very close second. i like the simplicity of both, but the bubble has that funky modern edge to it, but still seems more classic than trendy. i wish i knit faster so i could crank out some sweaters, b/c now i want to knit those. tough choice, i can see why you are taking a poll. good luck!


Go for the Garter Yoke! It's classic, it'll always look good, and you will enjoy knitting it. Don't EVEN think about Therapi...


Garter Stitch Cardi - I want to pick up knit.1 myself so I can make that.


I loooovvvveeee the garter yoke cardigan. Please make it. I would make it myself but i'm in the middle of phd/ christmas knitting hell!


In the right yarn, Therapi and the GYC will look nice. But the Bubble Pullover looks awesome, and should be a really interesting knit as well -- you win on both the process and the product side!


I knit Therapi for Stef, and the basketweave got a little mindnumbing towards the end- it doesn't look that long on her, bc Stef is so tall, but it was a lot of k3, p3. I'm just saying.


i am a sucker for the garter, especially after knitting the FLS. it is such a flattering shape on a lady's shoulders, you know? the bubble is intriguing, but i think the pattern ends up with two panels right over the boobies and makes em look a little like target practice.


I like therapi. It looks like something you could wear out and about or throw on over your pj's if you plan on staying in. Versatility is everything.


The Bubble Pullover. Definately. It's unique and this style is not available in stores - if you can buy it anywhere - why knit it?


they all look nice, but I vote for the GYC. It's gorgeous and so doable.I think I want to knit it too!


Definitely the garter yoke -- it will get worn. (Sigh...sometimes I feel waaaay too practical...lol)

Carol Cousins-Tyler

I haven't tried knitting a sweater yet, so I feel my fear is speaking. The cardigan looks to be simpler than the other two, and I would go for simple. Also, I like the color in the sample photo.

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