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December 30, 2008



Can't wait to hear what you think of the series when you're finished. I agree with you about the plot but if you think you're sucked in now...just wait.

Additionally, I loved Flowers in the Attic and for about 2 years read everything I could find from V.C. Andrews.


Did you order from the Wilco website? I had some problems with an order from them over the summer (took a long time, then they forgot an item), but they did sort it out eventually.


Perhaps you could run some of the photo choices by me before posting? I've got crazy eye & bad hair. Maybe I'll put up the photo of you "enjoying" the summer sausage...


I love that top pictures of the 4 little ones!!

As someone who just got back from a late night run to Barnes & Noble for book 3 and was hoping no one saw her buy it, I totally agree with your Twilight assessment. I'll pass along the best advice I've got regarding the compulsion to keep reading this 70% crappy series: Just get in touch with your inner 15 yr. old and go with it.


To my sister . . . you look fine. No summer sausage photos unless it's the one with your husband balancing it on his head!


OK, must know--is that a Bucknell or a Cornell sweatshirt??

Twilight. . .I can't remember the month of Nov--I spent it reading the set (and went to the movie too). Certainly not the best books ever--but somehow, I find a little teenage angst here and there a lot of fun.


Really? How come V gets a nice picture and I look like a crazy person with a smiling problem?

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