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November 10, 2008



well knock me down! thanks for including me, i am very flattered. especially because i talk about you guys to my husband like he knows who you are. he is so not a computer person at all either, so he probably thinks i am weird. (well i guess he probably figured that out a while ago)

i do the same thing with bloglines. some things go there and others stay bookmarked forever it seems. sometimes it makes me feel totally unorganized.

as far as gus goes. you're scaring me a little bit. henry's not yet 2.5 and that temper of his is rearing its ugly little booger of a head. (he gets it from me). i'm just glad bea will be older when the year of 3 hits henry. i thought 3 was the magic number? and have you actually yelled out "He's 3! Don't tell me your kid never did this!" in public?


had to come back just to say that my verification code started with PBR. ha!

oh and guess what state finally started selling yuengling? YES! my state. no more smuggling from north carolina!


So we are playing Miami of Ohio tomorrow in football. I would go if I didn't have papers and homework and it wasn't a 2 hour drive...

You guys are so going down! 9-0 soon to be 10!


Having had Ava give us an imitation of Gus saying "I love you" and how completely endearing that must be, I sympathize with the not so sweet times that a 3 year old can muster.


Update: Ball State is officially 10-0! We won 31-16! Two more games to go! It would be amazing if we could go undefeated!

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