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October 07, 2008



i don't know your mom, but she could be more qualified, right?

i love your #5 random fact and can totally relate to #6.

once in the earlier years, matt wanted (& usually still does) red velvet cake (is this a guy thing?) for his birthday. his favorite was the way his granny made it. i called her, got the recipe, and made it. little did i know you shouldn't use an entire bottle of red food coloring like she said. we, plus our friends, were all pooping red for days. i have never lived this down.


It took you that long to figure it out? You know you've been married too long when....


So whose head is bigger the flyers or Gregs?

I think she should be dismissed for dropping the "gs" Simply can't listen to her.

I used to make cat food sandwiches, when we played restaurant as kids.

Oh and did I mention that I'm Canadian. Hmm guess that is no longer a random fact.


I wish they WOULD start singing show tunes. That would be something.

Poor Flyer. A new sweater is nice and all, but you did set him up for that one.

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