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October 17, 2008



Were you trying to channel Angelina in the first photo? You and your "lush" lips . . . sweater looks awesome, too.


That's my goal. From now on I live my life by this question WWAD?

kelly jo

Love it!! It's beautiful and I love the color! Congrats on the potty training and good luck with the flipping on the table, there's nothing like a kid rolling around in a poopy diaper!


the color is perfect for a fall cardi.. and it looks great. i love the picture of gus burying his head in your butt. that is owen's current fav right now. that and slapping my left over belly (from carrying the stinker and his brother, no less). i like the past picture too, your quilt, is it not?

the WWAD made me laugh. i think i am adopting it.


Lovely! Especially the wordy collar.

Try a toy that Tuck only gets on the change table, something really cool, or a book.


Potty training...I can't wait! The cardigan is absolutely perfect. I just added it to my Ravelry queue!


FANTASTIC!! It looks great!

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