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September 25, 2008



I've heard that if eggs float in a cup of water, they are bad.
We lost power for 4 days in an ice storm a few years back--took us 2 days before we realized we had a gas hot water heater so we could take showers . In our defense, we had just moved into that rental a couple of months earlier.
Glad you're back!


So glad you're back. Been waiting for this post.
The author (thomas friedman?) of that climate change book was recently on Fresh Air with Terri Gross. Pretty interesting interview.
Looking forward to seeing Amanda!


I will keep this list handy, just in case!

Glad you've got your power back. We lost power for a week a few years back. Since we have a well, that meant no water too. Good times.

Gotta go buy a box of wine now, it's supposed to rain tomorrow!

PS. Yes, I would be happy to adopt a 32 year old! Especially if she comes with a stash.


The map reader cracks me up . . . so does the luring into the basket. Glad you posted and are back on the grid.


Glad to have you back. Always good to have such a list of tips for a black out. [grin]


Welcome back.

In Australia and NZ, eggs are not refrigerated. They are right beside the bread in the grocery store. Go figure.

Must go find map book to give to Ava for Gus on her next trip west.


Glad you have power back- it must have been hell not having it for a week.
Since you're one of my top ten, I have passed the award on to you on my blog. Hope you stop by to grab it and pass it on to your favorites.


Glad you got your power back on! The internet missed you, too! If you get your eggs at the farmer's market, they might be fine -- supermarket eggs in the US have their natural coating washed off, which is why they need to be refrigerated here but not in some European countries. That's my fun fact for the day.


Congratulations on your return to the 21st century! Isn't the Mason Dixon book incredible???

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