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August 31, 2008



Hurray for Obama and Biden, I am very thrilled about this.The socks look great. It's always nice to have a great fit. I am not happy about summer being almost over, but we have no choice about it. C'est la vie:D


The socks are fantastic! They'd look great in blue, too. :D


I really hope she wasn't in labor on one of our planes. Really.

Love the socks--that shade of pink is perfect!


I just ordered a Keep Calm poster (red) for my office. I think my students might take comfort in it on occasion!


The socks are so cute! Yes, I've been following the election...though this means that I'm spending a lot more time lately cursing at the tv/radio. (Not in front of the baby, of course. Well, mostly not.)


I rather like Kings of Leon. They sound like Dinosaur Jr. smashed together with Lynard Skynard. Also, nice socks! Scallopy. :)

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