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July 03, 2008



Here's my memoir:

Attempting technicolor, accepting black and white.

Can I win and have you both come to my house as my prize? Please?

Nautical Knitter

Yarn, Needles, Passion

Thanks for the contest...


great husband
kids, dogs,
lucky me!

july is 9th is my son's birthday, maybe that will help my chances.............


That dog is driving me crazy.

My six word memoir won't make a darn bit of sense since you haven't read the book...ha...not. Really though, substitute "dog" with husband, child, friend, parent and it pretty much works too. Alas, I did not get the wordsmith gene either. Love the camel hat and imagining a jolie-pitt embrace made me want to knit it up super quick (sans camel yarn though).


1000 posts - amazing! My entry - just about sums up my life!

Girl engineer. Knitting is engineering too!

La Verna

Love this contest!Here's mine for right now.

Lifelong cheerleader,
now in the game.


what was one is now two.

I hope you get cheery soon!! :-) I wish I could give you a **HUG**!!


also... you gonna light those fireworks?? ;-)


Fun contest. The story of my life in 6 words:

Wake, knit, work, knit, eat, knit


Nap well. Wake up and love.


Too many hobbies, not enough time!

(that is so me to a T!!)

I love stalking you gals from time to time! Be on the lookout as i find crap comes in threes!


tidy house means boring dull life

kelly jo

I love some of the ones on the website for the book! Especially, "Loves nature, works in a cube!" That's me!
But here's mine...

I always give it a whirl.


Here's mine:

Always doing too much at once.


Duct-tape no longer making things rattle.

That's my new tag line. Well actually it is: Has been sufficiently duct taped so it no longer rattles. Boyfriend and I were in the car last night and he said something about how I needed someone with a screwdriver and a hammer to go in and try to fix things (talking about my warp twisted brain) and I said "Don't worry! I've sufficiently duct taped everything so it doesn't rattle any more!" And right then I decided that was my new tag line for everything about me!


got it the minute i read, just because this is my life right now...

two heads,
two babies,
oh shit.


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.


mother, knitter, cook
yarns, teaching, fun

Jersey Jessie

Knitting constantly,
Collecting stash,
Life's good.


Caffiene freak who knits too much.

Fun contest.


Loves life and my four kids.

That was hard I am kinda complex.


Broken, strong, happy.

No, really...

blogless in NJ

swim, kayak, canoe
underwater knitting next

Kitten with a Whiplash

Damn, it's good to be ME!

Ups and downs, ins and outs I've got to say I'm lovin' my life and almost always have. There was that one traumatic breakup, but everyone's got one of those, right? Besides, I was over it in time for my 17th birthday. Can't wait for the Xploding Xmas trees.


loved him, heart-broken, hoping for better.

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