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July 31, 2008



i love the colors you chose for The Curve.
and that sucks about the felting. i read superwash the same way - so maybe we're both idiots?!?!
mmmmm, bloody mary's

oh wait. i think i've said that before.


I like how it has that look with the felted parts.. Looks intentional, the colors are vibrant.


sorry about the felted blankie. what is up with the selective felting though? weird.

the wrapped rows are much nicer, i think we must all heed the knitter's instinct. btw: i think it is crazy that you can knit as much as you actually do with the two. extremely impressed.


It's bizarre that the blanket suddenly decided to felt now, instead of with the first time it was washed. I don't quite understand that. It's a Yarn Mystery. Love the new swirly blanket, though - it looks like a twisted Log Cabin.

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