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July 16, 2008



Y'all are nuts. I really think you should consider having the 4th of July tree make an appearance at the upcoming wedding, or, I'm sorry, at the blessed event. >:)


I love the Trellis cardi too. Tempted to make that one for the new babe.
Also, you guys rocks! Thanks for sharing the video. Love the slo-mo.


Um, I wish I had you to help plan my wedding! It's so awesome of you both to help even if they are being a p-i-t-a.


Nice video!!!!!


Hah! I love the tree! That's awesome! And if you make it over to Indiana, there is a great winery south of Indianapolis called Buck Creek Winery, or you could go to their website www.buckcreekwinery.com . They have a lot of sweet wines and their Riesling is called Der Champion after the Colts winning the Super Bowl. It's good stuff! I don't know about their shipping because Indiana's laws are really weird.


Nuts, simply nuts.

I recall reading of another family with a similar tradition. They'd take a pegboard (with holes) and cover it in sand and then stick a bottle rocket in each of the holes. They would then spend all day wiring the rockets together with fuse. That night they'd light it all up from one piece of fuse. Big show!!! (also safer, you can use a really long piece of fuse)

May I recommend www.skylighter.com. They'll have everything you'd need to make next years huge! (fuse, colours, etc.)

Oh, I'm pretty sure Grumperina has the cabling w/o a needle thing in a tutorial.

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