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July 23, 2008



Who's knocked up beside Ski Pole? And for a proper Bloody Mary, you really need a pickled green beans but I'll take a pickle instead.


Marsan cap's sister.

I'm guessing that we'll get green beans this week, so I'll pickle some of them too. I'll pickle everything!


Hi,,, nice hat... My sis and I also have a blog together. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks :D

La Verna

Love the hat.The pickles look great.My favorite thing to can is okra pickles.I could eat a whole jar.The longer you let the pickles set,the more intense the flavor will be.Hope they turn out for you!


That hat rocks! Must add pattern to my queue... Pickles look yum. I miss pickles. I don't eat them nearly enough.


i think i'll have to add that hat to my queue now. and that curve of pursuit is gorgeous! do it.
mmmmm, bloody mary's.

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