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June 08, 2008



Life on Mars fucking ruled. I haven't watched Ashes to Ashes yet (it's on my "netflix" list). Sam Tyler is hot. I am sad no Sam Tyler.

It's finally cooled down enough I can pick up my knitting again so that I will!


Well, I know the boyfriend and a neighbor a couple of years ago went out back, found their holes and filled them full of water with a hose. That seemed to fix it for the summer...But they came back the next year and they pretty much stay away from the dogs. Our dogs go out on leads and where ever the dogs can reach, the yard is free from little ground hogs. But other than that I can't help ya!

And I know what you mean about it being too hot to knit. I hit that about a week ago and just knit at night or in the wee early morning. I think I am going to stick with another Everlasting Bagstopper. I made one of these and used it camping this weekend and have fallen in love! Many more like it will be showing up!


I've seen Ashes to Ashes and, surprisingly, I really found myself liking it. I thought I wouldn't, just because I really like the 70s setting, but I'll be damned - they managed to make it a completely different show with the same characters in it. If you go into it without any expectations (or really low expectations, like I did), you should be pleasantly surprised. The best way I could describe it is a cross between Magnum PI and the Twilight Zone. It's a lot more over the top than Life on Mars.

I, too, forgot to make bread this morning, and decided to do it anyway in the middle of the afternoon. Because I, apparently, am a doofus. Oh well. At least there's bread now. Nom nom.


yes, you have turned me into a bread baker but i have to wait until evening (thank you for the book recommendation, it's way overdue at the library). i definitely cannot stand the heat in the kitchen. i let it rise while i put the boy down for the night and then bake it.
what's been your favorite recipe so far?


Do you have a cat? Dump the used litterbox in the groundhog's hole. I've been told they smell predator and leave but seriously, if someone dumped a litterbox in your bedroom, wouldn't you leave, too?

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