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June 04, 2008



Um, that was the hokiest article.
Enjoy your 'early' leave today!


I still believe that you either become a stay at home mom because you really, really want to or you have to because it doesn't make sense to pay for day care. Me? It was a combination of both. In the early years, it didn't pay for me to work and then pay for day care as well and I wanted to stay with the girls. So, SAHM I was and loved just about every moment of it. Did the Flyer's shirts get starched when I ironed them? Absolutely. Did I love taking them to the dry cleaners the first time after I started back to work? You bet your sweet ass.

Overtime pay for being a mom? Get the hell out of town.

kelly jo

I'm not even going to bother reading the article...I don't feel like getting annoyed today!! Btw, are those fuzzi bunz in the first picture?

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