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June 06, 2008



It looks like the quilt turned out great. I love the spray baste, too, although I try not to huff it(say no to drugs, kids!). Pin basting takes for freaking ever and leaves lots of ugly holes in your quilt. Spray basting is the way to go.


last two posts are just awesome. i love the beer chicken. i learned that technique from yan can cook...so delicious. and the quilt is lovely. you know how you just said you see posts and think you can? you just did it to me.


For somebody who's not a quilter you sure make some motherfuckers. (Don't let Gus read that. He might love it!)

Seriously, this quilt rocks.


that really makes me want to attempt a quilt. soon. (i keep saying that, but i don't think my sewing capabilities are there yet)

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