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May 24, 2008



Ryan Adams. Hands down. Since I've got wedding brain, I was just thinking about that song today. It was suppose to be on our chapel play-list, but they couldn't find the sheet music. Nice if someone would have told me before the day of! Love that song.

She looks lovely. SK agrees! I'm sure the he's a nice young man, but he didn't want to discuss it.


Stunningly beautiful! That first photo is just so natural, it's perfect.

I'm going with The Corrs.


You are right, her dress is the same colour as my t-shirt, but what really thrills me is his blue tie. Of the couples that I saw on Friday night there was clearly no communication going on as none of the guys had made any effort to coordinate with their beaus. So kudos to Veronica for being able to communicate with her charming guy!


She looks gorgeous! What a pretty dress. I love that her boyfriend is wearing a matching tie, and even figured out how to match the corsage -- very impressive for a 17-year-old!


She looks beautiful!!!!


She is so pretty! That color looks amazing on her!

And I like the Ryan Adams version too....It's the best...


Thank you so so so SO much for looking! I'm not giving my hopes up if there aren't any. I'm planning on buying a replacement one after I get paid in about 3 weeks. *Crosses fingers* Let's hope though!

Again thank you so much!


Aw. They are adorable.

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