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May 18, 2008



Yep. The toothbrush photo made me gag. As does Gus when he kisses me goodnight after he's brushed his teeth. No explanation.


I am going to spend the rest of my day making a mental list of my idiosyncrasies. That actually makes for an interesting post I think and the photos are great.
I don't dig on clowns either (maybe because my mom used to collect them when I was little).
Oh and I can chew gum and so can others around me, but if I hear you chomping it you're getting uncomfortable, dirty looks from me until you stop or spit it out.

susan b

I saw on another knitblogger's post a link to some funky (Etsy) cards - I clicked over and there, in full rainbow coloured card selection, was a huge anatomically-labeled line drawing of a spread vagina. How about THAT as a huge shoulder tat?

Complete with labels, of course. My favorite label was the one that went waaaay down to a little black bud of a circle labeled 'anus'. {snorts}



I'm sure I was initially going to write something clever, but my mind kind of blanked out after I read susan b's idea of a vagina shoulder tat. I mean, what can one say to follow that? Kudos, susan! :)


Thanks so much for looking. I've already pleaded with my aunt and grandmother and both of them, surprisingly enough, don't have any extra pedals. These people keep everything too so I was extra surprised when they didn't have any...

When it comes to idiosyncrasies...well if someone's eyebrows are messed up, I have to repress the urge to go and fix them and that usually means I obsessively fix my own eyebrows. My friends have spend many hours tormenting me with that one. That's the one that I can think of right now...


Please, please, please tell me Lola still manages to actually brush her teeth! I had a friend tell me about her friend who went to the dentist for the first time in a very long time and discovered that when you run your tongue along the back of your teeth you should actually be able to feel the individual teeth. He hadn't brushed his teeth in so long that the plaque formed a solid layer that they had to slowly chip away. *GAG*

I was going to suggest a vagina tattoo too. Hmm it's really not good that a vagina is considered offensive. =( Not that you said you wanted offensive.

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