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May 21, 2008



That's an awesome expression -- Tuck looks like a tiny, adorable Mafioso or something. Also, you and your sister are total enablers. I tried the honey roasted peanut butter (WHY had I not tried that before???) and now you have me yearning for a fresh loaf of bread to go along with it! By the way, I don't always keep both bread and AP flour on hand, but I do keep a package of wheat gluten on hand to doctor up the AP flour. It works pretty well, and it might help you get a higher loaf.


That face! I love it! Yeah, we had one of those chairs. Henry never fit in it well so it never got used. We've already passed it along.
That green for Gust is awesome. I am a sucker for green yarn.
Also, we just had similar wedding date issues with the bro-in-law's upcoming nuptials. It got moved up by 2 months, but in my case it was a good thing.
By the way I just pulled out my second attempt at the master recipe from the bread book. Thanks for that book recommendation. I had never baked bread before and now I'm hooked.


Be careful with the way you are adjusting length. 35 inches might block out to 45, but 70 inches might block out to 90 (not 80). You may want to think of this as a proportion. Decide on the total length you want to end with and multiply that by 0.78 (35/45) to determine how many inches you should knit. Just a thought.

I got an e-mail that my library is holding the bread book for me! Must go to library!

kelly jo

I loved our Bumbo - but I can't say the same for Lila, she would rear back and almost get out of it when she got a little older. Can't wait to see the quilt and I got the bread book from the library yesterday, next week the baking begins!!

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