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April 06, 2008



The cardigan looks great. I wholly support drinking before, during and after knitting.
Oh, and I love Yuengling, which for some odd reason is sold all over the eastern seaboard - except here in Georgia. We buy cases of it when we visit family in North Carolina.


Aah, yes your shelved song choice could have described my lace shawl that I just cast off and dropped it on the floor, however it is blocked and no longer looks like a big pile of shit. You crack me up!! Looks great!


P.S. Check out the front bumper on my car, next time you see me. That was courtesy of my thug putting his foot on the gas rather than the brake. We ended up in a snow drift, ripped the shit out of bumper and underside, and had to be pulled out of the drift by a friend with his car. Mind you, thank goodness the snow was there, otherwise it would have been the trunk of a very large tree!!

Hygiene Dad

Uncle Larry is great at teaching to drive. This is why we need to live closer. He teaches them, while you suck back the Yuengling.


Send them out to Chicago for a week or two, we'll have them driving in no time.


Congrats on the successful steek!

I'm right there with you on the driving thing. Anders is improving, but it is still so nervewracking. I wish my DH were around more often to pick up the slack. Not sure this kid will be ready by August.


Love it! That's going to be the cutest cardigan ever. Almost makes me wish Tuck was a Tuckey. Almost.


What a great job. Steeking is one of those things that frighten me too so I should follow your inspiration and just jump right in!


congrats on your first steek cutting. i remember i kinda' cut with glee cause that's how i roll. i do want to get another good fair isle in and the mirepoix sounds like it is just right. thanks for reminding me of that piece. cannot wait to see the finished cardi.

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