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April 13, 2008



Nose-piercing?!!? How did we spend a week with them in FL and a weekend in PA in the last five months and not notice a nose stud? Or was that a "take that out of your face before your cousins get here" kind of thing?

Happy b-day to the best flower girls ever!


Hey mom, its 2008 :)


Happy birthday girls! I can't even imagine. One is hard enough....


Awwwww...I thought that photo of them as babies was beautiful. Then I scrolled down and saw that they are even more beautiful now! Happy Birthday, B & V!

Sounds like you are doing a terrific job being a madre of teenagers. I was just thinking the other day, "What could someone have said to me at age 17 that would have made me listen to them one little bit? Nothing. There was nothing." I guess you just have to keep knitting.


Happy birthday to Lotion Brains & Syrup Head!

Can't wait to see the prom dress.


What lovely intelligent looking young woman you are raising. Happy Birthday Girls!

T. calls me Mutti when he wants something, although it is fading as his years of German class are behind him.



17 year olds mean that NEXT YEAR you WILL do your taxes early....FAFSA and all other financial aid requires that it be done real early...check with college what THEY require. Having said that, after 4 kids in college, none at the same time, and working in the income tax business for 18 years, I have NOT done my own yet this year! Hey, I still have 2 days!!!!!!


At 17 they probably won't want to hear this, but these two are cute overload. Love the early shot with dad, whom they look so much like.

I truly admire how well you're going along with all this teenager stuff. When my boy was 17 I tore all my hair out.


Happy belated birthday Betty and Veronica!! Seventeen is such a biggie.

For the record, I too cringe every time someone calls my girls "the twins".

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