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March 30, 2008



I heart Simon Pegg. :) I don't know anything about box programs, but I'm just going to be happy when it's Farmer's Market season again. The produce at Kroger's is so bad most of the time it just depresses us when we go to the store. Stupid scary waxy tomatoes.


Oh! I wish there was a bar two doors down from my yarn shop! (not that it would do me any good right now)
I've been wanting to do something like the box program too. There was a market here (near my yarn shop) where you could pick up a box every week or two and all the items were seasonal from local farmers-I can't tell if they are going to open again from the looks of the building though.
Good luck with the steeking, the sweater looks great and cozy, oh , and I can't believe there are over 100 members in the Period Pieces group!


Love the sweater. I can't help but thinking about the Airforce museum when I look at it. Why they call that stuff ice cream is still a mystery to me.

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