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March 07, 2008



Oh, the peeps! I must say that I laughed inappropriately loudly while at work. Heh.


HAHA the peeps! I love the pasties. You photographed the yarn much better than me. Really I must sit down and learn how to use my camera. Man I do love the look of that silk... so glad it helped with a shitty week. =)


The Peep show is excellent!!


that 'peep' show is f-ing brilliant, i laughed so hard. any more yarn up for grabs over at ravelry. makes me reminisce on how we started 'talking', i bought yarn from you on destash and then you let me know about your twins...that was before mine were even here. i know you know, but, my, how time flies.


Love the pink yarn. Very lucky girl!

Off to make some tea. It's cold & icky here. We got about 2 feet of snow. Gus & Pup were almost lost in it.


i received the peep show via email last week and also thought it was pretty funny. hope things turn fun again soon!


Just don't go crazy(ier) right before your daughters go to college like my mom did or they will never want to come home. My mom seriously decided to freak out about every little thing (like grounding me for not having filled out enough scholarships. If 20 a week is not enough, then I want to know what enough is.) This is a scary time for them too and you need to remember that. So please, for their sake, don't go crazy. And remember, yarn is not a substitute, even if you try to name it and make it eat dinner with you.


Wow, I feel dirty just for seeing that Peep photo . . .

The yarn is gorgeous. I have no parenting advice for you, but if you want to borrow any incredibly attention-starved miniature dachshunds, I can probably arrange it.

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