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March 26, 2008



Concidering my baby is the cutest baby no matter how often he pukes, pees and once even poos on me... I don't think there is anyone out there.

Your baby is cute too.

Gemma  Bryan

I would cook the lasagna just the way you had planned. The dish has still got pasta in it so there is some bulk even if they decide to be really rude and pick every last vegetable out of it.

I'm planning to do the same on sunday with my sisters boyfriend, who refuses to eat anything but meat and potatoes. He is getting 3 helping of veg too- and if he doesn't eat them tough!!

IS that a bit militant? Can you tell I'm a nutritionist??


Oh my gosh, forget them, invite me! That looks delicious and I promise I'll eat every bit.

Nah, you're not being mean. Cook what you want. They can stop at Burger King on the way home if they don't like it. It will give them a good story to tell about the time they went for dinner and it was all....(gasp) veggies!


Make it and screw her! Make the dish! Just don't tell her it is chock full of nutritiousness and deliciousness. I agree with Becca. If the end up stopping by Burger King on the way home, as long as they don't tell you and tell you that you suck at cooking you should be fine!


It's not like you are planning to serve something she is deathly allergic to (that would be rude). I say go with it--it looks yummy.


I don't think that it's mean at all, even though in general I think that a pound of Italian sausage improves every vegetarian entree. Lasagna is one of those dishes where the veggie kind is almost the same as the meat kind--it's not like you're making eggplant parmesan, or tofu surprise. Tuck looks great in his sweater!


Aww! I'm so glad you like the tomten. He looks adorable in it. Make the lasagna, they'll live -- perhaps a little longer because of it! (And if you're worried they won't like it, open up the wine early and make sure they have lots before you serve it. That usually does the trick.)


i am pretty sure i think my babies are the cutest, but let me clarify, they are the cutest 11 month olds in the world. your tuck, well, he takes the cake for the cutest 2 month (?) old. by far. make the veggie meal, it is good for all to learn and eat differently.


Okay forget it that is one freakin' cute baby and that's all there is to the matter. His other name should be Mr. Smoochable.

Cook your lasagna. Sometimes the only chance people get to branch out is when eating someone else's food. If you want to go the extra mile, you could roast them a free range chicken or something. But that would be more work.


I want to come for dinner! The lasagna looks delicious and the bread sounds sooo good. (btw, other food link, hilarious-I may know these people).


I'm a notorious veggie hater. If I was served that dish, I would just discretely pick out what I didn't like and eat the rest. Been doing it for years.

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