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March 26, 2008


Susan B

Oh too funny - your sink w/ the coffee grounds in it is NOTHING to the stinking, reeking sink bottom that I found staring up at me Sunday morning. After a very large (early) Easter dinner on Saturday that I just couldn't bear to clean up from, the sink bottom looked like someone had repeatedly been sick in it. Over & over & over again. And the smell was close enough to ick & sick to make me a bit squirmy.

Thank god for tons of hot water, loads of lemony-smelling bubbles, and a long handled scrub brush so that I can get the muck out of the sink without having to touch it too much with my bare hands! Unfortunately cleaning out the sink traps/drains was something completely different - I had to pick those disgusting things up and whack their contents out into the garbage can where they promptly funked up the entire room until I dragged the trash bag out to the curb.........


I turned down the opportunity to attend to many good conferences when I was nursing. I went to one with kid in tow and it was a nightmare. You deserve a medal, you really do.


Hooray beer . . . sorry that's all I got

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