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February 12, 2008


susan b

Oh I'm right up there with you on your opinion of the last handful of Interweaves! My friend and I were just talking about it the other day - how totally odd it was to us that while we have always loved the stuff that Eunny did on her blog, since she became editor we're just kind of.............. -meh- about the designs. Meh at best, mind you!

Plus, have you noticed, too, that over & over & over again the same designers are currently filling up the Interweave pages? They'll have a few newbies tossed in every issue, but for the most part they've got the same half-dozen or so designers featured time & time again. (The same designers, I have to say, who frequently are also listed on the Interweave staff!)


I don't receive any knit magazine and have only bought a couple Simply Knitting issues when I first started. Interweave just does not call to me. More often than not I think the patterns are ugly or dull and I don't know if it's the colour yarn, the way it's modelled or what. I find the patterns come to life after other knitters have done them in other yarns/colours and w/ mods. I want a Tilted Duster, but when I saw it in the preview, interesting, but nah.


I haven't seen the issue yet, but the preview seemed kind of boring to me. I mean I love a good cardigan, but they all seemed the same.

Look at that baby! I can't wait to meet mine!


Hey ladies! Long time, no comment. I totally agree with you about the latest IK issues. Completely meh. Susan made a really good observation about the designers, too. Maybe IK just needs more fresh blood (so to speak)? Thank god for Ravelry, so I can see how other knitters improve upon the patterns - it's such a learning curve for me.

Tuck is totally a Jedi. "These aren't the needles that you are looking for..."


Ohhh. Aunty and baby. So cute together!


The last Interweave I got excited about was the fall issue. Usually, even if the patterns don't WOW me, there are usually some interesting articles to carry the day. This Spring issue though does nothing for me.

kelly jo

I'm with you on the IK issue. I was so excited when it finally came yesterday (I seem to be the last to get it!) and when I curled up with it before bed, I got so disappointed. Nothing jumps out at me! My husband actually said, that's terrible - why do you still get this magazine!? Everything seems so "old lady" to me lately.


Wow. Opened bloglines for the first time in weeks and there are 14 unread posts here! Tuck is wonderful! Congratulations!

IK--I think they must have put a gun to every designer's head and shouted "PASTEL FLARED WAIST CARDIGANS!!! GO GO GO!" Boring, dull, uninspired, sometimes hideous and "maybe I'll make that someday" at best lately. I didn't always love IK before, but it's becoming usual for it to be a disappointment now. And hey, IK? YOUR NEW FORMAT STILL SUCKS DONKEY NADS!

I think the reason you haven't seen many people agreeing with you is that it's harder now to write critical anything without getting your ass handed to you. As more and more bloggers become designers you get fearful of hurting fellow community members. I long for the old days of good honest mag reviews. We used to have such fun with them.


I liked a couple of things in the new IK, but to me it wasn't interesting enough either way to blog about it. I do think they should have mixed it up a bit more with the yarn choices; it's hard enough to see from the photos how the garments vary without knitting them all out of terracotta-colored yarn!


As a non-blogger knitter, I am glad to see your opinion of the new IK. I renewed my subscription expecting to be blown away as I to was impressed by Eunny's work. The last IK mag that thrilled me? The Holiday Knits that of course is not part of the subscription. I keep hoping for the best as it has always been my favorite knitting magazine.

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