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February 01, 2008



Have to agree about the Interweave preview. There's lots of love for it out there on the internet, so I guess they won't miss my 6.95.

I am delurking because of the post's title. Is that a reference to the Shawn Colvin song? It's one of my favorite songs and will be in my head all day now. (No complaints). If it's a Bon Jovi reference, it will be best not to disillusion me, I think.

Good luck on the baby sweater!


i was surprised by how much i enjoyed eli stone. glad for some decent tv as well. i just heard pushing daisies wouldn't come back even if the strike ended soon because they won't have enough time to film. boo.


Seriously Johnny Lee Miller is welcome to come over whenever he wants. Yum. I watched the Flying Scotsman the other week and liked it not only for the pretty Scottish scenery and accents, but also 'cause of the pretty JLM. HAha I feel so Tiger Beat.

I am always disappointed w/ IK. I don't know. I'd rather buy a pattern here and there.

Oh and both the STR are very pretty.

I wonder if I can add another acronym. IDK. ha such a dork.

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