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February 22, 2008


Jane Prater

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I may have a ceremonial burning of the pattern.


When you say "shovel", do you mean figuratively or are you saying you live in the mountains and don't own a snowblower?


That's a darned shame about that sock pattern, it's one I was planning on trying (and may yet). I still haven't tried any of the patterns from that book, they kind of hurt my brain.

On the other hand - I ordered some of the Oregon Red Clover honey, and it's nice to see it knit up so pretty on those toes!


His name is Kaffe with a long a. Ask me on Tuesday and I'll say it with the Canadian accent you so love.
Don't you have any young thugs in your neighourhood that will shovel your sidewalks for $10. Had I known I could have sent my thug over, then you could have knit and graded without the snow thing.


Too bad about the socks as they look really nice and the mistake toe works well. Maybe you can add some mistake rib to the top and they'll stay up better?


i like how your family does not understand why you 'talk' to people on the internet. my dad recently discovered how to find my blog and he is linking it to everything (he is net obsessed) telling his family in holland and everywhere else to visit me....not that i write much about my frustrations in life, but now i know i can't. sweet. i love the sock color but so sorry about the heel slippage, we call those type of socks 'quitters'.

Susan B

Um, no suggestions about how to deal with little Miss P&V, but instead a promise.

I absolutely positively promise not to abduct, borrow with parental permission, or even babysit for 5 quick minutes while her mom runs out to the store a four-year old child who sounds like she's edgier and sassier than I am after two margaritas on an empty stomach!



I've heard his name rhymes with "safe asset". Hope that helps...
As for the taunting youngster: my baby sister used to taunt my middle sister and I with "mom took me to Tiajuana Taco today" as soon as we walked in the door from school. Little stinker! It only took us 20 years but now we're best buds....
Love the sock yarn...
Have fun in the snow!

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