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February 20, 2008



When I had my little boy I noticed how people really lie to you about the a) endless joy and splendor of getting up 20 times at night and b) that babies sleep through the night as early as right away and c) that the body gets used to the deprivation. Guess that's why we love the little monsters so endlessly. So we don't care about the lies.


Oh man, just the sight of that blue nose bulb makes me want to go lie down. For a year or so. We had the exact same on and drove our babies crazy shoving it in their noses trying to help them breathe better.

Tuck's hat is charming. It matches the doggies on his sleeper. Good job on the photo shoot/mothering juggle.

That was my favorite performance of the night, too. And I was prepared not to like that guy, so good for him.


That is one fantastic Super Hero hat!!!
Tuck looks adorable in orange. Impressive photos for an exhausted, overworked new mom! It helps to have such cute models I suppose. . .

kelly jo

the hats are adorable! I love the color of Tuck's. It's so hard to look at his sweet little picture and think that he would be anything less than perfect, but I feel your pain! I feel bad now though because I wanted for the day Bubby no longer acted like a newborn (mostly the screaming fits), and now I miss those perfect little sleepy baby days! They get so big so fast!


That might just be the cutest picture I've seen of a finished little boy blue hat. That kid is adorable!!

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