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February 16, 2008


Hygiene Dad

OMG, Camelot is one of my favorite movies EVER.

See, another reason I love you guys so much.


Hold on, I feel a tear about to fall. So sweet! And I love the part about the album covers!


That is an awesome story!!! Thanks for sharing it.


Good story about Camelot. That's one musical I've never really listened to.
Thanks for the kind words about the Tilted Duster-- I think the finished shot was a little redder than real life. See you next month at the NEPA sit and knit!


Ah, the mall in St. Clairsville... That'll make anyone fight.


You grew up with musical soundtracks in the background, too? With me it was "Brigadoon" and "Carousel." There are worse soundtracks for one's childhood. :-)


oh, that was a great "C"!


Very well done, the 'fight', the album covers, and the "C" entry. Fun writing. I check back in.


That's a fantastic story. I hope one day I can have such a sweet story to tell. =)

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