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January 05, 2008



It took a while for me to figure it out, but only after you started asking about the package. Never would have gotten the initials part, but we've talked about how I can't really call him by his name yet. I'm clueless.

Only a knitters can understand just how in awe I am of this blanket. Just beautiful! And I'll say it every time I look at it. Even SK said, "That doesn't look like an easy knit." As always, I love you.


Awww what a nice AUNTly gesture. Good ol' Aunt Ava. ;) It looks very nice, even with the fuck ups.

Ooh ooh is TBA gonna be Brian Austen Red? You know, like that wanna-be-black-but-I'm-from-Beverly-Hills guy from 90210?


Beautiful blanket!!

It was a very sad day for me when my nephew started referring to me as Aunt Cara. For the longest time I was just Cara and all the other aunts were Aunt Whoever. Made me feel special. Ah well.


Okay, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who swears at other drivers with children in the car!

The note to TBA is precious, it was fun to learn more about your family. You sound like a good bunch. Now, where can I find some of those meds that will make me clean the house faster?

The blanket is incredible!! So, so beautiful!!

susan b

Oh. My. God.

You are such a loving sister & aunt! And obviously - by the evidence in front of all of us - more than a wee bit deranged as well. Me no knit baby blankets - nuh uh, no siree! That's insanely beautiful AND bigger than a hankie - which shows just a stunning amount of love, time, devotion, and crippled now-arthritic fingers. (Or luff - which is even more love than just normal 'love', according to Woody Allen.) You are too, too good. We all bow before you.


Sorry, A, the Princess and Prince have been calling you Aunt Ava for too long for us to try and deprogram them now. Blame their mother, because none of my aunts and uncles ever had the salutation used.


Serenity looks beautiful, but I did like the jaunty beret period as well.

I have never been an aunt either, I mean gees I was an aunt at the tender age of 14. But recently one of them told me I was her favourite aunt, so now at almost 50, I'm thinking that being an aunt is OK, just don't use the word with my name though.


Your Serenity...shee eez beautiful


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