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January 24, 2008



It's okay. About a month ago I got scabies. I don't know how or from where and I didn't even know that scabies still existed...but yes they do. And my doctor must be the last person in the world to prescribe the Lindane lotion. The one that is made up of a pesticide that 50 countries have banned it for medicinal use and even for pesiticidal (not a real word but totally is now) uses. I had to get lubed up from neck to toe with this lotion that can cause lung problems and even heart problems that can result in death, when my doctor could have given me a tiny little pill and gotten it over and done with. But no. This is why I don't like going to the quicky MedChecks.
Scabies suck. I hope I don't get shingles. Although shingleriffic is an awesome word.


Ugh. Shingles. I hope she's not in too much pain.

Thanks for the shout out! You guys are so sweet!


Argh! I just nominated you guys, before I had a chance to read this post. Crap. Sorry! ;) Thanks for the nod! You two rock!


hey ladies!! thanks for the love!! you are awesome - i'm always here for good malabrigo pushing!... and i hope the shingles goes away Real Soon!! :-)


shingles is no fun. Give her the stuffed animal too!!


Wow, my husband got shingles three weeks ago actually. He's only 27 and everyone was shocked to hear what it was. He actually managed to have it show up the same week he started a new job. Oh yeah, it came in across his neck and the back of his head, terribly painful and terribly exposed.
I feel for your daughter...after seeing the pain my husband was in she must have been doing awful.
At least the antiviral helps with the pain. She must be feeling better to create such awesome new vocab...I will be passing these on to hubs.


WOW! Thanks you guys... you totally made my day! When I get a second I want to do a "You Make My Day" list .


aw... thanks! :D


aw... thanks! :D

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