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December 11, 2007



I think you look great! I would totally give you some boobage if I could. Really I would. (Boobs are SO overrated.)

I'm jealous of your beautiful belly! All I hear is "you're so small!" I want to be big!

The blanket is gorgeous! I may just have to make one for my TBA. Blankets don't count in the no knitting superstition world. At least I can tell myself that.

kelly jo

You definitely do NOT look big at all! I'm impressed! After reading some of the posts, I was wondering how big you were, and I was not expecting that! I think you look fantastic!
I hope you get your bigger boobies for Christmas!! Hehe!


Ummm, folks? She is big . . . like bigger than I was at the same point with twins who were 7,6 and 7,7 respectively (granted, I spread a bit - she's pregnant just in front). I think that the shot from the side hides it a bit. Perhaps I should "leak" that shot Mom took of you. No, that would be cruel and not necessary. I don't want you calling me a douche all damn day!


I think you look GREAT! Not big at all, you're just right! With this third baby my boobs haven't gotten much bigger either... hopefully things will change after she comes and my milk comes in. That's one of the benefits of breastfeeding, right????


The blanket is fantastic! I love the colors, and SK is right, the border is just the thing.

You are "all baby", which I'm sure you've heard a million times! You look fantastic!

Here's wishing Santa brings you that boobage you asked for. . .


I just found your site and both you and your sister seem awesomely talented.
I hope you post pics of the Buckeye socks once they are done!

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