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December 08, 2007



You could just have a baby? Gus keeps my Scrooginess in check. I still don't like it, but how can you really hate it when you hear a little kid sing "Thumpity thump. Thumpity thump" when hearing Frosty the Snow Man?

Did you buy the Men book & love the bar project, what is it?

Off to the couch. I was sick all day yesterday. All fuckin' day!


A) no baby from this womb and you know that
B) yes, I bought the Men book and narrowed it down to one project that will keep me interested and the Flyer warm
C) none of your damn business nosy-rosy!


On the street I used to live on the first house which had this massive corner bit of front yard started filling up the yard and any space they could hang something on w/ lots of lighted and animatronic xmas things; then came the blow-ups. Every-freakin' year I swear they went to Target, K-mart, and Wal-mart and cleared out all the clearance xmas items. Then they started doing the same for Jesus's resurrection... no blow-up Jesus though.


Love the bar project having seen it in real life now. It is really, really lovely! Now that I have rubbed that in, cut yourself some slack as far as being scrooged. I wouldn't teach in the middle school for nothing especially this one, the weather has been absolute crap, the construction and detours in this town are enough to make anyone crazy and as for Christmas blowups. Well my eldest has a blowdart gun if you ever feel the need. Seriously those things are around $100 each. If you have 24 of them take $100 and give it to your favourite charity and do your neighbours a favour. Enough rant from me!


I'm in complete denial that Christmas is actually coming. I'm considering going out and buying a fuzzy pink tree. That should get me in the spirit, no?

All three of my kids loved "The Golden Compass". DD#2 is the only one of us who hasn't finished the series. We may try to see the movie next weekend. Usually DD#1 gets furious when beloved books are made into movies. But for some reason she seems to be okay with it this time.

What pattern is that Bar Project?


I've never looked so forward to January. How can normal people enjoy christmas when it's shoved down their throats starting before thanksgiving? It takes a mental patient or some really good extra strength prozac to sustain any semblance of enthusiasm.

I have had the book for a few weeks now, but not started anything. I'm waiting for a perusal/raised eyebrow of interest from the receiving party when he gets home first, but I have a couple of preferences.

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