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November 26, 2007



I've been waiting for that book from the library. I'm so anxious to get it but can't justify buying it since its really RS and I that need to eat more vegetables and we're old enough to just make ourselves :)

Those muffins look yummy. Can't wait.

Susan B

Ooh - that book sounds fantastic! My 2.5 year old Munchkin (who plays with all three pairs of my kitchen tongs, I'll have you know!) doesn't freely eat any veggies except for corn, black olives, carrots, and mushrooms. I can sneak sliced tomatoes on a pizza, and - of course - he'll down an entire plate of french fries - but in my raised-by-an-almost-hippie world fries don't count as a true vegetable. Meat is fine, and fruits are lovely, and carbs are his absolute friends, but alas, despite all the wonderful veggie-eating he did as a wee tot, the veggies are a Persona Non Grata at the moment. So that book sounds BRILLIANT!

Meatloaf made with veggie purees and then served along side a huge puddle of ketchup (he eats Heinz 57 straight with a spoon) will be a true hit in the Munchkin household. And a true hit makes dinner that much more pleasant for everyone at the table!

You're a wonder, Lola - a true wonder!!!! Forget blogging frequently, you're blogging PERTINENT information, which is much more important than mere frequency!!!! ;>


I actually *did* see this closer to the original post date, but I have been a bad blog reader lately. Anyway, my recently ex'd boyfriend is 37 and has a REAL teddy bear that he takes everywhere and treats like a child. Yeah, I wasn't ever impressed with this really and should've really realised I wouldn't come around to it from the start.

Hmmm peanut butter in muffins... might have to try those as one can never have too much peanut butter.

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