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November 19, 2007



We've got a snow day here too. Weird, NYC is less than an hour away and they got nothing, we've got 6+ inches!

Sounds like you had a good trip, other than the 3 hour wait at Newark. Thank goodness for knitting. It does have a way of easing the pain of those waits.

Hygiene Dad

You have snow already? UGH. I hate snow.

Remind me not come visit after Oct...hey wait, I've never visited you. :)


Thanks for the BD salutation. Actually it was great. I didn't do any school runs of any sort. The kids walked down to Gertrude Hawkes and brought me back an indecent amount of chocolate!! DH gave me the lace pillow of my dreams. Didn't cook, played dorky computer games and finished square#4 in the evening. I didn't do anything I didn't wanna. Perfect bliss!

Hey, I'm pretty sure there is caramel aero, pb aero and I know for sure that I have had orange. Canada you know, the home of smarties!!



Miss you too! And so does Gus. This time he asked about you, not the Flyer.

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