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November 07, 2007



I've been reading your blog for a while and this is the first time i've actually felt the desire to say something...
I just have to say that your girls are beautiful...you are a lucky mom to have such shining beauties.
BTW I love you and your sisters sense of humour, your family must be a riot when you get together. I have three sibs and it's always loads of fun!


Poor Lola! That woman deserves a slap upside the head -- it's annoying anytime to have someone tell you you "should" smile, but to have someone say that when you're pregnant? Ugh! That photo of Betty and Veronica is super cute, it makes me want to call up my own awesome sister. :)


Your girls are lovely!
And poor Lola! I hate when people do that--it's so condescending! It always amazes me when people feel they have a right to make a commentary on someone elses life without knowing anything about that person whatsoever. Well, tell her she can frown all she wants with us...


Betty and Veronica are beautiful girls! They have the most exquisite coloring!
I hope Lola flipped the lady the bird and stomped on. ;)

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