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November 30, 2007



Up your ISO for the darkness. Also, auto sucks. Go to Shutter priority or F Stop priority.

I am totally FREAKED that someone's going to cut my baby out. FREAKED. And yeah, it's totally an irrational fear, but I swear to god they talk about it happening on the news all the time!

Besides, it's much easier to be irrationally afraid than to worry about the actual real terrifying things that could go wrong.

And dude, I totally knew about the pooping.


Oh and what's the deal with the blanket? Are you knitting squares, or knitting it all in one shot? Intarsia? What's up? I NEED TO KNOW!


I love that blanket! While pregnant, and now as a mom, I've come to acquire all sorts of new irrational fears. It's really fun when I catch myself worrying about things like "what if he decides that skydiving sounds like a fun hobby and then he goes skydiving and his parachute malfunctions?" I mean, seriously, I really ought to hold off on worrying about that at least until he learns to walk and talk, right?


My irrational fears centered on pushing during delivery. I was convinced that I would stop breathing. Irrational, but it was real for me.

But then I found comfort in strange ways too. When I was up in the night nursing and everyone else in my house was asleep, I used to tell myself that somewhere in the world maybe even in this town some other mother was losing sleep while she nursed her baby.

Nice blanket and I'm itching to hear what your advent calendar is. It looks intriguing. My advent calendar involved rushing out to the local chocolate store and buying 3 calendars and sneaking in to their rooms once all were asleep, so that they would find the calendar when they woke up.



The fear of pooping out your baby isn't that irrational. My boyfriend's younger sister was almost pushed into the toilet. Her mom thought she was having a particular difficult poop when really she was having labor pains. She didn't realize she was in labor until about 3 hours later when her water finally broke.
So yeah...Not so irrational...


Again, late w/ the comments, but the advent calendar is SO CUTE. And now I can't remember if I dreamed it or saw it (I've had weird jet lag this week and can't remember what's real and isn't), but it involved a smallish Xmas tree COVERED in teeny socks. So covered it looked like those styrofoam forms that we covered in wrapped candy back in girl scouts only they weren't as hideous as this wreath - http://www.livingonadime.com/blog/uploaded_images/Candy-Christmas-Wreath-787969.jpg

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