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October 07, 2007



Re: the "Cooch Mousse" - stomach sore from laughing so hard - Flyer has a great (wicked) sense of humour!

Great baby sweater - and boy oh boy do you have a lot of babies coming soon in your life! Is it the water?

I just got the Cat Bordhi book too, and immediately had to start a sock - I'm going with the Riverbed construction first. Things I've learned (firsts) since bringing home the book: Judy's Magic Cast-On (done with really silly voices, a la Cat's You-Tube demo), La-Rink & La-Link, and that my feet, which I thought had abnormally high insteps, actually have normal insteps (just in really large feet). Have fun with Coriolis!

Hygiene Dad

You are much more generous with your parents than I would have been.

Your brother isn't old enough to be married. (notice I didn't say mature enough.)


Such a cute baby sweater! As much as I am flattered that you like my sock pattern, I do think the Tofutsies would look great as a Coriolis! (Be sure to check errata -- the book is fantastic, but Ms. Bordhi, or at least her publisher, is indeed capable of error!)


Cute sweater. Of course you know where to get more yarn for Ariann! Missed you Monday.
Ravelry is getting closer for me. I only have 2900 in front of me now.


Great, now I have ANOTHER pattern added to my queue (the socks). I can't help judge Cat Bordhi's books by their cover. They are ugly. They look like a DIY job when desktop publishing became available for the masses - cut out pictures laid on a tacky background. I should get over it though.

Maybe you can get some of this to go with the Cooch Mousse - http://www.bettybeauty.com/.

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