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October 20, 2007



My son also took the PSATs today. His comment: "They weren't as much fun as I thought they would be." I'm not really sure what that means. I guess we'll find out in a few months when the scores arrive!

Have a wonderful time on your hike tomorrow. I'll be sure to breathe in a bit of that Rhinebeck air for you.


I totally can't keep up with the code names... I need a decoder ring.


Does it help to know that I thought of you often over the two glorious days at Rheinbeck!! Oh and I think something slipped into one of my bags(yes that is plural)for you, so I'm not a total deadbeat of a Monday night friend. See you tomorrow!!


Sorry, A, didn't realize mama-san was a peruser of my work. Took the link out of the post in question.


I hope when/if she does find you she tells you! My mom didn't I didn't hear about it until my sister let it slip!

Hope you're enjoying the fall though it sounds like it's almost as warm there as it is here.



Happy Birthday! I just love your blog--I know I'm always in for a laugh! My mom reads my blog and it does create some editing which bums me out...Enjoy your freedom while it lasts!

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