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October 15, 2007



It looks awesome- I love the color you chose. And I love your hair.


Dude! I forget to check my bloglines for a few days and I miss two birthdays and an FO! (Happy belated birthdays!) I loooove your Tilted Duster -- thanks for the tip on the yarn, I have this in my queue and I'm not sure what to use. The pin is a great closure. Love it!


wow I LOVE This!! The Tilted duster is so on my knit list... it looks great on you :-)


It look so good! And I love how it looks with the bump - makes it really sexy. Yes I think baby bumps are sexy. Some day I hope to have a baby bump (courtesy of David Tennant). I agree that the shawl pin makes it more casual, yet also kinda elegant.


Enough with the David Tennant suggestions, Shannon! They make me giddy every time I read them (of course Saturday's Torchwood was enough to get my blood racing). It looks lovely, sweetie, and you still make the cutest knocked up chick I know . . . bitch! Luckily, we have the Other Sister to remember.


that sweater is fab on you!

kelly jo

Oh! That is too cute! It turned out really well and it looks great with your baby bump!


that sweater is gorgeous! it looks great with the bump. i loved being pregnant but hated the comments. even people trying to be nice...weren't. ignore them and remember that you are glowing.. they are jealous:)


I think this sweater was made for maternity wear. I think I like it better on you than the model...and it's in brown, which I like. It looks great (and so do you!)!!


That is the perfect baby bump sweater!!
It looks wonderful on you.


1. The sweater is awesome and looks perfect with your bump!
2. The shawl pin was a great idea.
3. I love your hair!! I am in awkward grow-out phase #117, but your style is what I am aiming for. Cute!

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