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September 15, 2007



Mmm, homemade tomato sauce...yum! I *heart* farmer's markets.


See how kids are SO different??? Mine has been in his Big Boy Bed for months and months now - but the nursing thing that Gus so easily gave up? Saturday was the first night I Cut Him Off from the tit and man oh man did that kid SCREAM for a good 30 minutes - kicking & screaming - total hysterics. Every night has been easier - no screaming at least, and waaayyyy more sleep than I've gotten in the past two months - waking whines of "Mommy, I wanna' nurse" notwithstanding.

All different. Thank God.


I don't crave home-made applesauce (I make mine w/ the skins on - makes the 'sauce a pretty pink colour!) as much as I do home-made apple chips. YUM. Now if only the sweet little old couple at the local farmer's market w/ the gnarled apple tree orchard hadn't sold up and retired to Florida last year leaving me local-apple-less..............


p.s. check out Parikha's Tilted Duster. It's soooooooo beautiful!!!


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